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Rotational Balancing

Crankshafts with V configuration need
Bobweights fitted for Rotational Balancing.
The Bobweights simulate a portion of Piston, Rings, Gudgeon Pin, Circlips, Conrod, Conrod Bearing and Oil weight.
V8 with Bobweights Ready for Balance.
Balancing Pistons & Conrods

Pistons are balanced to match the lightest piston weight.

Conrods are end to end Balanced, the small ends and the big ends are matched to the lightest weight.
These weights are then transferred to a balance sheet and used to work out Bobweights.
Pistons & Conrods Ready for Balancing.

Conrod Balancing

Removal of weight from the Conrods and Pistons is critical.
The material should be removed from the Balance Pads or a place that won’t Reduce the Strength.
Removing material from Conrods

Heavy Metal Balancing

Balancing with Mallory Metal is used mainly for Race Crankshafts when converting them from external balance to internal balance.
The other reason is when the stroke has been altered and the counterweights don’t have enough material.
Mallory Metal weighs twice the weight of stee

Crankshaft with Mallory Metal Fitted.
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